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COVID-19 Prevention

Harari Amana Foundation distributed 500 more quality washable/reusable masks and hand soaps.

  1.  Harari Amana Foundation distributed 500 more COVID-19 PPE Packages to our 120 recipients. 
  2. HAF officers educated our elders how to keep themselves safe from COVID-19, how and when to use the mask and how to interact with visitors. 
  3. HAF officers also distributed masks to vulnerable Harari elder in Harar, who are not recipients of HAF monthly allowance. 
  4. Since COVID-19 threat became reality in Harar, Ethiopia, HAF distributed 1000 washable & reusable masks to Harari elders. The package included:
    1. Quality washable and reusable masks (2)
    2. Bars of hand soap (2)