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Improve their sleeping conditions

Harari Amana Foundation was able to change some of the unthinkable sleeping conditions of our Harari elders. HAF distributed 160 sleeping packages to our recipients in person. Their appreciation and gratitude were beyond words could describe. It gave us more energy and encouragement to do more. We are committed to so with your help. No

HAF Waqf Project

HARARI AMANA FOUNDATION WAQF (endowment) PROJECT This “HAF WAQF PROJECT” has been in the making since the inception of HAF. Creating financial sustainability for non-profit organization is vital to its longevity. HAF has been working diligently toward long-term plans to make the organization financially self-sustainable. This will help us reduce donor fatigue, increase financial independence,

Improving their living conditions

Harari Amana Foundation was able to transform 27 of the most horrible living conditions of our Harari elder’s homes, kitchens and bathrooms. Clean, safe and well-lit living conditions are ideal for our aging demographic and its something HAF will be able to do, with your generous donations.     Harari Amana Foundation was able to