Due to COVID-19, HAF decided to limit the contents that reach our elders. The decision was made to keep our elders, who are the most vulnerable to this disease, safe.

HAF distributed 3kg, individually pre-packed, dates to all our Harari elders (recipients).

HAF also distributed 4000.00ETB to each recipient along with their regular monthly 1000ETB allowance.

100 elders received a total of 5000.00ETB each in 2020 RAMADAN.

Masha-Allah! This was made possible by a single generous donor (HAF Member). May Allah (SWT) bless the donor and the family for this amazing charity. Ameen.

Harari Amana Foundation was able to distribute Ramadan gift packages to 115 Harari elders (Ayaach & Awaach) a week before 2019 Ramadan.


Ramadan Gift package included:

  • 2 Kg of Dates
  • Prayer Mat (Salat Kaleem)
  • Prayer Beads (Tesbeeh)
  • Quran
  • Islamic Perfume (Ateer)
  • Toppi for men (Kaloyta)
  • 5 Stick Toothbrush (Suwaakh)