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  Project Detail


Harari Amana Foundation was able to distribute 3kg – 4kg of meat to over 265 Harari families in Harar. All this was done in-time for Eid Al-Adha 2019 and was distributed in areas shown below   BADRI BARRI SERVED 41 FAMILIES   ASMADIN BARRI SERVED 45 FAMILIES   SUGUD AT BARRI SERVED 41 FAMILIES  


Harari Amana Foundation was able to change some of the unthinkable sleeping conditions of our Harari elders. HAF distributed 115 sleeping packages to our recipients in person. Their appreciation and gratitude were beyond words could describe. It gave us more energy and encouragement to do more. We are committed to so with your help. No


Harari Amana Foundation has been able to facilitate to give most of our recipients a complete physical check-up, with the help of local Harari Volunteer Doctors and Nurses. We have a plan to hire a nurse to do the same every 6 months. Will you help us to transform our plan into a reality?  


In Ramadan, all new HAF Recipients will be given Ramadan Gift Package. So far HAF distributed 160 Ramadan Gift Packages.   Ramadan Gift package included: 2 Kg of Dates Prayer Mat (Salat Kaleem) Prayer Beads (Tesbeeh) Quran Islamic Perfume (Ateer) Toppi for men (Kaloyta) 5 Stick Toothbrush (Suwaakh)


Harari Amana Foundation was able to transform 24 of the most horrible living conditions of our Harari elder’s homes, kitchens and bathrooms. Clean, safe and well-lit living conditions are ideal for our aging demographic and its something HAF will be able to do, with your generous donations.     Harari Amana Foundation was able to


Harari Amana Foundation employees were able take our Harari elders, those who were willing and able, to/from Mosque for Friday prayers. They would also bath them and clean their cloth prior to taking them for prayer. We would like to continue this project in the future as well. Your generous donation is appreciated. Trip to


RAMADAN 2021 HARAR Distributed 3KG of dates and 2000.00ETB each, to 148 HAF Recipients, in addition to their monthly allowance of 1000.00ETB (Total of 3000.00ETB each recipient) Distributed additional 2000.00ETB to all 160 Recipients in the middle of Ramadan. (This Ramadan Gift was made possible by one of our HAF member, Masha-Allah) Distributed 3KG of